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About Arctic North

Arctic North is a premium Canadian brand specializing in the manufacturing and sales of winter jackets and accessories. Our products combine all the necessities needed for maximum performance, style, comfort, and warmth. The construction of authentic Arctic North garments goes beyond perfection providing polar down jackets that provide the consumer with the best value. Our extensive outerwear collections feature premium 200 gsm outside shells, thick natural fur and 80% white duck down for superior insulation and protection. Arctic North revolutionary jackets fight winter like no other.

Arctic North's philosophy is all about design, comfort, Canadian entrepreneurship and providing the best customer service for our Arctic North fans. Arctic North has become the most comfortable and stylish outerwear brand in Canada and is sold throughout the globe. Discover why our exclusive dealers find Arctic North to be their best selling brand; out performing all others.

If you require any additional information please contact our head office or one of our regional Arctic North Sales Professionals.